Thursday, September 23, 2010

9 Months

Playing Wednesday Morning

My sweet baby girl was 9 months old on Saturday. Yesterday we took her for her 9 month well checkup. Everything went great. Orlaith has been right around the 50th percentile for head circumference, height and weight since birth. This time she surprised us and shot up to the 80th percentile for height! So now she is 28.5 inches tall, 18 lbs 6 oz and her head is 44cm around. We went ahead and got her a flu shot as well. I was pretty wishy washy about whether or not we would do it because of the egg component in the shot. I was allergic to eggs as a baby, and I did not want her to have a reaction. Her doctor assured us that since it was the first exposure to eggs, there would not be a serious reaction (if any). Other than a low grade fever, she has been fine. That could be due to teething as well. Her pedi said her bottom right front tooth is looking like it might make a debut sometime soon. I will miss that gummy grin! We also agreed that when she is 12 months, we are going to test her for allergies. I had horrible allergies as a child that triggered asthma. I had multiple cases of pneumonia. I don't want her to go through that. I also had some food allergies like milk, eggs and tomatoes. I eventually outgrew them, but I still suffer from outdoor allergies. Orlaith has been showing some signs of outdoor allergies. Boo! We are going to be proactive in knowing her allergens so we can avoid them and the side effects of exposing her to them. That makes me feel so much better!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time... Is Not On My Side!

Really, where has all my time gone? Last year at this time, I was preggo and getting ready for my baby girl. Now, I find myself thinking about her first birthday that is rapidly approaching. Eek!!!

Orlaith will be 9 months old on Saturday. She is all over the place. She crawls everywhere, pulls up on everything and has even bangs her little head when she hears music. It is her interpretation of how to dance. I am not quite sure where she got the head banging thing from, but it is absolutely adorable! She has also started to cruise on furniture after she pulls herself up. It scares me to death when she does it because she loses her balance and falls sometimes. I know that is to be expected, but we have zero carpet in our house! When she falls and hits her head, the hardwoods and tile and not very forgiving. Her poor little noggin!

I got Orlaith's Halloween costume in the mail the other day. We tried it on her and took pictures. She loved having the costume on, but then again she is pretty used to me dressing her up. She is absolutely adorable! See for yourself...

We are also dressing up as a family for our Halloween party at our house. I am keeping those costumes under wraps though. I will post pictures after the party!

My blog is starting to grow thanks to blog hops and This For That. I also have my two guest posts coming up on Go Graham Go soon. Once those are posted, there will be giveaways headed your way. Details Here.

I won a $25 gift certificate to My Baby Clothes Boutique from Marlie and Me. I am super excited to order the outfit I have picked out for Orlaith's 1st birthday. Also, Shannon from My Baby Clothes Boutique has offered to host a giveaway on my blog! I am thrilled to pass on their awesome products to one of my lucky readers! I will let you all know as soon as I have the details. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Making Friends Monday!

Here is another great blog hop! I am finding all kinds of great people to follow, and lots of great giveaways too!

Blog Hops

I have recently discovered blog hops, and I am loving them! It is a great way to browse other blogs, and get to know someone you probably wouldn't have found otherwise. Today, I entered the blog hop over at Inspiring You to Save. Check it out! You will be surprised how fun they are!