Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Search for Child Care and Other Updates

Brandy: Last week, I started looking for childcare, and I have to say it is a little overwhelming. So far I have found 2 places that I like. Here is the lowdown... Place #1: The Octopus Garden - it is right near work, very small, been around for a long while, the teachers have been there forever, nice activities for the kiddos... I was impressed with the place, but not "over the top" impressed. I would feel comfortable leaving my baby here. I could stop by at lunch if I wanted to. The only bad thing is that if Brian needs to drop off or pick up the baby, it will be out of the way for him. Also, the waiting list for the infant room is April of 2010! We would have to do some creative child care until the spot opens up, because even though I would love to, I can't take off of work that long. Place #2: White Rock North School - it is very near home (about 7 minutes), on 3 acres, is a daycare and private school, once our child gets older they have amazing activities (indoor skating rink, indoor pool, music classes, and PE are all included), pet horse on site... They also offer other activities we can pay for (karate, dance class, piano, etc...), I was VERY impressed with this place. Since it is close to home, it would be easy for Brian and I to both have access for drop off/pick up. They can guarantee us a spot whenever we will need them. And they are okay that we don't have an exact start date for them, considering that I can't guarantee when my baby will be born! The downside - we would have to pay monthly (not weekly like the other place). Also, since they are a private school, there are 4 weeks of breaks through the year they are closed (on top of other holidays). There is 1 week in March for Spring break, 1 week in August for teacher in service, and 2 weeks in December for winter break. Brian and I both have plenty of vacation to cover these weeks, and I don't think we will be taking any big vacations any time soon! I just hope that we can manage to have a few days off together as a family.

Other updates... Sunday afternoon, I am pretty sure I felt the baby move! The baby has been hanging around the same spot in my uterus every time we have been checked. The feeling was three distinct, sharp movements in that area... but then it just stopped! Since then, I have not felt the same movement, but I have been feeling some weird sensations that I am now positive is the baby. Once it felt like the baby did a flip in my stomach... it was the weirdest sensation. The movements are not strong enough to feel on the outside of my stomach yet, but I think they will be soon!


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