Monday, November 8, 2010

Give Me A Sign!

This past week, Orlaith has been laid up with a cold. The poor thing has been snotting all over the place. Despite feeling cruddy, she has been spouting off new tricks like crazy! Brian and I have been signing to her since she was 5 months old. She finally signed for the first time! We knew it was typically between 10-12 months that babies start signing back, but it was so exciting! Her first sign was "book" and she has been using it non-stop! I think between Brian and I, we read to her at least 12 times yesterday... and 10 of those times was her favorite book "Hippos Go Berserk". I always let her choose the book she wants to read and 99% of the time, she grabs her fave!
Orlaith has always been a very verbal baby. She gets this from her father's side of the family. She says dada and mama quite frequently. When you say "hi" to her, she is know responding with her version of "hi". It sounds more like "ha"... So cute! She has also learned to say "uh-oh"! This one kind of shocked me because it is two different sounds, not the same sound repeated twice. Plus, she actually knows what it means, and when to use it. She says it when she falls down. She also says it BEFORE she drops something. She will dangle the said object precariously in the air, proclaim "oh-oh" and drop it! This is usually followed by another "uh-oh" and a big, proud smile.
I am torn by this new found progress. It is awesome to watch her learn, grow and try new things. At the same time, my baby is getting so big! I was looking at some pictures of her over the weekend, and she was so tiny! Where did that tiny baby go?


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