Tuesday, December 8, 2009

39 Week Checkup

Brandy: Brian and I went to our 39 week appointment with Dinah this morning. My blood pressure was a little elevated, so we tested my urine and there was no protein (which is good). I have officially gained 40 pounds with this pregnancy. They recommend 25-35 pounds of weight gain, but my body did what it wanted to. I did not eat junk food the entire time. I ate healthy for the most part, but I did indulge in some yummy treats from time to time. I guess I will just have to work hard to get rid of the extra pounds once the baby is out! So back to the appointment... My fundal height is 35 cm, which indicates that my uterus has dropped down into the pelvis (since it is shorter than last week). Baby Markey has switched from the ROA position to the LOA position (the back is now on the left side of my abdomen), which is better for delivery. Last Thursday and Friday i was having some bloody show, but by Saturday it had stopped. So, Dinah offered to do an internal exam today so we could see what was going on. I am 70% effaced and 1 fingertip dilated. 1 fingertip? Is that 1 cm? I looked in one of my pregnancy books that has a dilation chart, and my fingertip more than covers the 1 cm circle. Dinah's hands are smaller, so I guess it is around 1 cm...? I am not totally sure. Either way, a little is happening, but not a lot. The exam is nice to know, but doesn't really tell me when we will go into labor. I guess we just wait and see... which is SO HARD!


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