Tuesday, December 15, 2009

40 Week Checkup

Brandy: Last night I had an acupressure massage to try and see if we could get anything started. So far, the answer is no. My massage therapist said it could take up to 24 hours for things to start happening IF it was going to work. We'll see...
We went to see Dinah this morning. Sadly, there is nothing new to report. Dinah did not do a pelvic exam this week since I had nothing new going on in the way of signs. If we make it to our 41 week appointment on Monday morning, then we will definitely have an exam then. Other than that, my blood pressure was good, and Baby Markey is doing well (although back in the posterior position as of last night). My fundal height is 36cm. I have been instructed to sit on a yoga ball all day, do pelvic tilts and a form of child's pose in order to encourage the baby to turn back to an anterior position. Dinah asked me if I had been reading up on ways to encourage labor. I told her yes, which is the truth. She said that those things do work but only if your body is on the verge of going into labor anyway. I have decided to give up on trying to hurry this baby up. It will come when it is good and ready. It takes too much time and energy to try and rush things along. Do I still wish Baby Markey would hurry up? Yes. Am I going to let myself go crazy over something I can't control? No.
So if you can help it, try and refrain from asking me if there is any news or progress with the baby. I promise I will blog about it if anything happens! And I will definitely let everyone know when the baby is here. I know everyone is just thinking of me, and wants to let me know that. I DO appreciate the kind thoughts. It is just really hard for me to stay in a state of patience if I am constantly telling someone, "There is no progress" or "There is no baby yet". Help me be patient!! I really need the moral support right now. I have a feeling if I give up on trying to hurry things along and just bask in the last few hours or days when I have Baby Markey all to myself and don't have to share, that we might just see a baby sometime soon! I give in - officially!

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