Thursday, August 12, 2010

Balloon Love

Yesterday was my day off with Orlaith. We met my cousin and Aunt for lunch at a tearoom. She got lots of love and kisses from them both! I went grocery shopping after that where O sat in the cart like a big girl. I got her a balloon (they are free when you walk in). She was mesmerized by it! It was definitely a big hit. She played with it all day yesterday, and actually did not pop it. I was totally banking on the fact that she would pop it by digging her razor sharp nails into it. I was ready to be on call for the scary "pop", and the ensuing crying. I am glad that didn't happen, although I am sure it will one day soon.

Orlaith fought nap time, BIG TIME! She fell asleep an hour and 15 minutes later than usual and then only slept 1 hour instead of 2. Plus, the past couple of nights she has been fighting bedtime too, and she has been waking up early in the mornings. I am kind of worried that she is not getting enough sleep. I think I will mention this to her pediatrician next time we are in the office if she keeps this up.

Last night I made Orlaith a tutu for her 8 month pictures next week. It turned out really cute. I am VERY proud of myself!!!

I won a pair of ShooShoos from Go Graham Go. I picked out these.
I am getting them bigger so that I will have shoes when O is walking.

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  1. cute! there will be lots of balloons at Marlie's party