Thursday, March 25, 2010

3 Month Shots

Orlaith had two more vaccinations yesterday. This time it was two shots, one in each thigh. She SCREAMED, and actually refused to breast feed. Nursing was supposed to be my secret weapon to keep her from crying or at least calm her down. At least it worked the first round of shots. It really broke my heart. Within a few hours of her shots she became feverish, was crying a lot and did not feel well at all. She wanted to be held, but she would scream if I held her because it hurt her legs. I finally got her comfortable in one of our slings and she fell asleep snuggled against me. I felt like such a bad mommy because I didn't even have Tylenol in the house. I thought that since she did so well the first time, that she wouldn't need it this time either. We had to wait for Daddy to being us some. Once she got a dose in her, I could tell she felt better. She ate well, and then I gave her a bath that she really enjoyed. Shortly after that she passed out. I put her to sleep in bed next to me last night. I knew she didn't feel well, and I wanted her close. She always sleeps better that way anyway. I got smiles from her this morning, so I think we are past the worst. I learned my lesson though. She will be getting Tylenol before her shots from now on!


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