Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Look!

In case you didn't notice, I have a new name and a new feel for the blog! Thanks to Jessica at The Frilly Coconut! I am super excited to introduce O'Baby Orlaith, where I can write all about being a mommy and my precious Orlaith! Since her name is in the new title, I thought it would be nice to remind everyone how to actually pronounce her name. It is an Irish name, with a Gaelic spelling. Let's just say it looks harder to say than it actually is. Ignore the 'ith' and just pronounce it 'Orla'. It's that easy! We'll talk about her middle name another time!

Grab my new button too! Help me spread the word about my mommy blog. I love new readers!

I will soon be replacing the belly pics with a slide show of Orlaith pictures. Enjoy!

I have new buttons for reviews and giveaways. I am not hosting any at this time, but I hope to get that up and running at some point, so stay tuned!


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