Monday, June 15, 2009

14 Weeks and Counting...

Brandy: Well today marks my 14th week! Brian and I talked this weekend, and we have decided to hire Anna Marie (not hippie) as our doula. I am sending off the contract and down payment in the mail today. Some of you asked me what a doula is/does. Well doula is a Greek word meaning "a woman who serves". Here is a great link that answers a lot of questions about doulas - I am very excited that I will have the support of a doula and my awesome hubby during labor and birth. It is a pretty big week for me. Tomorrow I am revealing my pregnancy to my co-workers, and Friday morning we have a sonogram! We are hoping they can give us a guess on the sex of the baby... even if they tell us to wait until the 20 week sono to make sure. C'mon... give me something!!! I have heard from friends and read online that a lot of people are able to find out earlier than 20 weeks if the baby is cooperating. I am keeping my fingers crossed! Also we have the dates of our showers set, so mark your calendars! Our Houston shower, hosted by Chad, Suesan and Mom, will be September 26th. Our Dallas shower, hosted by Nicole and Melania, will be October 10th. Times to be determined... And both will be couples/co-ed showers!


  1. I think that I had a sono at like 12 or 13 weeks and they still couldn't tell, but we found out at 17 weeks. I hope that you will be able to find out at least a guess though! I have already started buying for my little niece or nephew lol!

  2. We have an appointment in 2 weeks and we'll be 16 (almost 17) weeks then. We're hoping to find out then too!

    Also, I was hoping that you'd pick the certified Doula... so I'm super-glad you did!