Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To Hippie or Not to Hippie?

Brandy: Okay, so I mentioned previously that we interviewed 2 doulas last week. I am completely torn between the 2 of them. They are polar opposites in every way. Anna Marie is a very well organized doula. She met us with a folder full of information to go over, a magazine, diaper sample, you name it and she had it. We went over the benefits of having a doula, and how she would have me changing positions every 20 minutes. Believe it or not, that actually shortens labor by about 8 hours! She requires half of her total fee as a down payment, and a signed contract in order to secure her services. She is a licensed massage therapist and was voted best doula in Dallas for 3 years running. Her resume of education, accomplishments and references went on forever. She is DONA certified as well. Okay, so let's switch gears and talk about Mara. Mara is European... Italian born, and raised in France and England. Her armpits scream European (if you know what I mean). From 1972 until a few years ago, she was a midwife. She even worked for about 10 years at the birthing center we are using, so she is very familiar with the center and the staff. Due to this lifetime of experience she chose not to be DONA certified. She is relying on life experience. She will even perform exams during labor before we go to the birth center, which most doulas will not do since they are not trained in that area. She is very laid back in every way you can imagine. There was definitely no folder or resume with her! In fact, she was late to her first meeting with us which was slightly annoying. I managed to get over it once I spoke with her though. She is very into talking about feelings in every form and fashion. Her fee is $100 more than Anna Marie, but she does not require a down payment. In fact, she said we can pay her whenever. She said it is all about trust, which is very necessary between us. There is not even a contract! So, can you see where I am torn? I love organization and folders. In fact, I often thrive from "to do" lists and things of that sort. But being that I am taking the natural route, I am also attracted to talking through my feelings about labor and birth. I think that Mara would be very in touch with what I was going through and be there physically and emotionally. I just can't decide! So, I am going to ask for your comments on this topic. Whether it is just an opinion, or you have had experience with a doula, please give me a little insight!


  1. That's a tough one.... I am floored that you are going all natural. Not that I'm gong to ever have to give birth but you got some courage up in there!!! Kudos to you! I'm sure that you will pick the right Doula for you, although I have to agree, my lists are like my life.... Good luck! XO

  2. What is a doula? I need to do research. I've seriously never heard of one, but apparently it has something to do with going all natural. You are brave! But, what an awesome decision to make!

    Have you told your family about this blog yet?!

  3. Ultimately the decision is up to you, but that does sound like a hard decision. I know that I am like you and I have to have organized lists of everything lol! (I was worse when I was pregnant.) If you feel like you can't talk to Anna Marie about your feelings and emotions then I would go with Mara. If it were me, just by the information that you gave, I would go with Anna Marie. Reason being is because I like having everything organized and having a lot of information, not that Mara doesn't. Like I said before though the decision is up to you and only you know which one is best for you! Love you sis!!!