Thursday, June 25, 2009

A New Midwife

Brandy: Some big news, I decided to switch midwifes and birthing centers. I am now seeing Dinah at Lovers Lane Birthing Center (LLBC). I met with her for an hour and a half, one on one yesterday, and she is perfect! She is exactly the type of midwife I was looking for. Don't get me wrong, Birth and Women's Center (BWC) was nice, but I had a few issues there. One biggie was the fact that they use a drug called Cytotec to progress labor, and I am NOT a fan. I don't want any drugs, especially Cytotec. Check out the following article written by a well respected midwife for more information Once I began to have my doubts about BWC, I asked the advice of my doula who agreed with me based on past experiences she has had with them. She loves Dinah at LLBC and thought I would be much happier under her care. How right she was! Dinah is actually more hands off than BWC in regards to procedures, and the procedures for an emergency (if anything were to happen) are just as good. I feel completely comfortable under her care. For those of you uncomfortable with our decision to use a midwife and stay out of the hospital, I assure you that Brian and I have done a TON of research on this. It is actually safer for mother and baby to stay away from a hospital. Don't get me wrong, they have their place, but I don't think they are for everyone. If you are interested in learning about why we made our decision, check out the documentary "The Business of Being Born". It really is an eye opener. There are plenty of books I could tell you to read as well. If you still have something negative to say about our decision, keep it to yourself. You are not going to change our minds, and honestly I am sick of everyone trying to scare me with their "what ifs". It is not working. I am not scared. Please respect our decision and know that we would not do anything to put our baby, or myself for that matter, in danger.


  1. Did BWC admit to using Cyto? I've read this online but a personal friend has delivered 5 babies there and she's had no trouble. Just wondering.

  2. Carol told me when I asked her at an appointment. She was pretty defensive about it. I don't want to bash them, but it just was not the place for me.