Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cloth Diapers

It is official! We have decided to switch to cloth diapers. My only regret is that it took us so long to make the switch. When I was pregnant, I wanted to use cloth really badly. I quickly became overwhelmed with all of the choices in diaper styles, materials and manufacturers. That said, I let that research go dry and I gave in to disposables. Every time I change Orlaith's diaper, I feel guilty that another diaper is ending up in a landfill. I follow a lot of bloggers, especially those that give away prizes. Eco Cheap Mom is having a giveaway event this month. She is giving away a different cloth diaper every day of the week except Sundays! I started entering her giveaways, hoping to win at least one diaper to try out. Then I came across one of her reviews of Sew Natural Diaper Company. This company is run by a mother of four who has cloth diapered all of her children. She makes quality diapers that have the same quality look and feel as other major diaper makers. She sells on her website Naturally Sewn http://www.mymamamadeit.com/ and she has an Etsy store - http://www.etsy.com/shop/dewdrophandmades?ga_search_query=dewdrop&ga_search_type=seller_usernames. She sells an AIO, a Grow With Me pocket diaper, PUL covers and all kinds of pre-folds and diaper inserts. She spent a lot of time emailing me back and forth, helping me figure out what will best work for our lifestyle and how many of everything we will need. We settled on pre-folds during the day and pocket diapers at night with a super absorbent insert. I ordered 24 pre-folds, 4 waterproof covers (in 4 pretty colors of my choice), 3 pocket diapers (in 3 pretty colors of my choice), 3 Owl inserts, 2 large and 1 small wet bag (I got to choose the fabric) and she even threw in a set of reusable wipes for free! This amount will allow me to go 2-3 days before I need to wash diapers. She had to order the colors of PUL that I chose for the covers and pocket diapers. That will be in this week and then she can make those. She is already working on everything else. Christine, the owner, was amazing at helping me with everything! She really took the time to make the process less daunting. I am amazed at her customer service. I can hardly wait to get my hands on her product and try everything out! I am very confident that I will be happy with my purchase. Once I get a chance to try out the diapers with Orlaith, I will definitely blog to let you all know how cloth diapering is going. I also can't wait to get some cute pics of O in nothing but her cloth diaper!


  1. welcome to the cloth diapering club!!! so happy you joined!

  2. @Teresha - all of her inserts fold (instead of being sewn) so they dry easier, and all of the covers/pocket diapers can go in the dryer with heat! She uses special elastic that is made to withstand the constant washing and drying a cloth diaper goes through. I am excited!