Thursday, April 22, 2010

4 Months

Yesterday we had Orlaith's 4 month appointment with her pediatrician. All went well. Orlaith is now 13 lbs 8 oz (50%), 24 1/2 inches (60%) and her head is 40 1/2 cm (25-50%). We found out that her tooth is not actually a tooth at all. She has Bohn's nodules on her gum line. They are hard, white cysts filled with keratin. They are totally harmless and will just go away one day. They look and feel like a tooth. Her doctor said that most people mistake them for teeth. Even though she does not have any teeth yet, she is still showing signs of teething. Her doctor said this is normal and could go on for many months before we ever see a tooth. Orlaith had the TDaP shot yesterday. She cried and of course it broke my heart. I gave her Tylenol before the appointment and continued it every four hours yesterday. It helped. We did not do the Rotavirus vaccination because of the recent contamination issues. Her doctor is not giving them out at all right now. I am totally fine with that!


  1. Poor Orlaith! All that pain and nothing to show for it. Marlie was teething for 3 months before her first tooth came in. Now she is biting everything! have you thought of getting an amber teething necklace?

  2. I was just reading about the amber teething necklaces today. Where did you get yours?