Monday, April 5, 2010

O's First Museum Visit and Other Updates

Orlaith had her first museum trip on Friday. We went to the DMA (Dallas Museum of Arts). She was a perfect angel and really enjoyed looking at the art. I wore her in our sling and carefully watched her expression change as she tried to take in everything she was seeing. I would stand in front of sculptures and paintings so she could see them... and she was thoroughly intrigued! I am so happy that she was looking at the artwork. I want to teach her to appreciate things like that from a young age.

She is growing leaps and bounds with every day that passes by. She is very tactile and obsesses over touching and feeling things. She finally grabs, holds and plays with her toys. She also moves her left hand like crazy when I feed her. She holds it above her head and then swings it in large circles almost like she was finishing up a crazy guitar solo. It is pretty cute! She can also get her pacifier back in her mouth now... sometimes. How exciting!

I can't believe how quickly the days go by. I can hardly remember her as a teeny, tiny newborn. Time is going by way too quickly for me. I miss being pregnant and feeling her move in my belly. You might think I am crazy but I am already ready for another one. I mentioned this to Brian and he changed the subject rather quickly. I know we need to give Orlaith some solo time before we do this again, but I have baby fever right now! I need to take some Tylenol!


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