Monday, September 21, 2009

28 Week Checkup / Another Blog Win

Brandy: Today marks the start of my 3rd trimester. 28 weeks down and only 12 more to go! I am 70% of the way there! Wow, it seems like only yesterday that I handed Brian a gift bag FULL of pregnancy tests. I told him I had a surprise for him, that he would get part of it now and the other part later (9 months later to be exact!). He looked in the gift bag, and did NOT believe me. Apparently he thought I had some sort of magical power to make my pee turn the tests positive without really being pregnant... yea right! Anyway, fast forward to the present and there is no denying that I am indeed very preggo! I went this morning for my 28 week checkup and my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. I had to fast from midnight until my first blood draw at 8:15 this morning. Then it was off to eat a good meal! I went to work for a bit, and then headed back to Dinah's for my normal appointment. She had to draw my blood a second time in order to compare before and after. Some people may not like this version of the test since it requires two needle sticks, but I am not scared of needles in the least. This was a great alternative to the standard glucose test where you have to drink some nasty orange stuff and then get your blood drawn an hour later. Okay, so back to my appointment... Everything is going great! My blood pressure was nice and low. The baby's heart beat was about 150 bpm. My fundal height is 29 cm. Dinah was able to tell the position of the baby by feeling my belly, and confirmed that position by the location of the heartbeat. And the verdict is... head down! I hope that the baby stays that way! Everything I read says that they usually lock into the head down position around 32 weeks, but I am hoping that my little one found his/her way early. I talked to Dinah about the flu shot (the normal flu, not swine flu). I really wanted her opinion. I have never gotten a flu shot before. I know they are recommended for pregnant women and parents of infants and small children. I am not big on "optional" vaccines, and really did not know what to do. After talking with Dinah, she really does not recommend one way or the other. What she did say is that the flu shot is one of the last vaccines around that still uses mercury in it's ingredient list. Even though the amount is trace, and supposedly harmless, that information was enough to make me decide to skip the shot. As for the swine flu vaccine, I would NEVER take that. It is way too new, and no one really knows the long term affects, let alone the affect on a pregnant woman and her baby!I have to start going to appointments with Dinah every 2 weeks now. Wow that happened fast!

I won another item from a blog giveaway. This one came from Natural Mommie and Kelly Green Way I won 20 unbleached muslin sachets for baby's bath time filled with lots of organic goodness - oatmeal, milk powder, lavender flowers and lavender and mandarin essential oils. I can't wait until our little one is here and I get to try these out!

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  1. The finish line is just up ahead! woo-hoo! As for preventing flu, Damon and I are both taking Vitamin D supplements...the very best defense against influenza. Neither of us have ever gotten a flu shot and don't plan on it, but we do want to make sure we don't catch it and pass it to the baby.
    Congrats on your latest blog giveaway win! My dry spell just cleared up. I won two tixs to the P!ink concert tomorrow night. Damon wants me to go with a friend and enjoy myself. I've been pumping and having him practice feeding her with a bottle, but she ain't having it! I am buying one more type of bottle today. unless she takes it, I might not be going.