Monday, September 28, 2009

Update: Houston Shower and 3D/4D Sonogram

Brandy: This weekend was super busy! Friday morning we left bright and early for Houston. We stopped 3 times on the way so I could stretch my legs and go to the bathroom. When we got in town, we drove by our old town home, and then headed straight to Lankford's for lunch. It is an awesome little dive, with breakfast, burgers, and daily lunch specials. Brian got a cheeseburger and fries. I got the lunch special - crispy beef tacos. It was great! If you watch Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, this place was featured there this season. We used to eat there all the time when we lived in Houston. After lunch, we stopped by my old office and said hello to everyone. That evening, we met my friend Chad at Mi Luna in Rice Village for tapas. Mi Luna is another of my faves. We ordered a platter of 8 different tapas and shared everything. Yummy! We stayed with friends out in Katy. That night Brian and David went out for a bit, but I turned in early! The next morning, David's wife, Greta, informed us that David had been throwing up. We assumed he drank too much, and laughed at him. Brian and I headed to Niko Nikos, probably my favorite Houston eatery of all time. We wanted to get lunch and we were also meeting some people who could not make it to our shower later in the afternoon. I fulfilled my craving with hummus, a gyro and a side of potatoes. Brian got the Souvlaki plate with rice, and was nice enough to give me his dolma! Funny enough, Guy Fierri had been here too! Niko Nikos will be featured on DDD on October 5th. I guess we have good taste in restaurants - Ha! We saw some great friends we had not seen in a while, and got some awesome gifts! After this, we headed back to David and Greta's to drop our stuff off and get ready for the shower. On the way, David emailed Brian that he thought he had the flu. Uh oh! We made the decision to pack up our stuff and just leave after the shower. Neither one of us wants to be sick, especially me because of the baby! When we got to their house, we found out their one year old daughter had started throwing up too. We were out of there! The shower was fabulous! It was at my friend Suesan's house. She, my mom, and my mom's friend Kitty did a fabulous job of getting everything together. It was wonderful to see everyone. We also got to meet two new additions, Henry and Eleni, who were born 3 days apart back in June. They were both so cute! The shower was marvelous. We got some great gifts. Everyone was so generous! After the shower was over, we stuffed the car, and headed back to Dallas. It was a very long day and I slept so well that night! The next day, Brian and I spent all day organizing gifts and putting everything together. We got it all done, which made me feel the day was worth all the hard work!

This morning we had our 3D/4D sonogram. It was so amazing to see what Baby Markey looks like. I think our little one is absolutely adorable! I love the little cheeks and the nose, which I am pretty sure is mine since Brian's is so pointy! Also, the lady that did the sonogram, runs the sonography school there. She said that Baby Markey's head is nice and low... So low that she doesn't think the placenta has anywhere to go but away from my cervix! Sounds good to me! We got still photos printed out, and 4D videos on disc. Enjoy!


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