Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sonogram Appointment

Brandy: Brian and I had our follow-up sonogram this morning. While we were in the waiting room, I noticed that Brian, who was dressed up for work, had on 2 different black dress shoes. Granted, they were similar in style, but they were most definitely 2 different shoes! This gave us both a pretty good laugh, as well as a few other people in the waiting room. So, the sonogram... First let's talk about the baby. Baby Markey is doing well... measuring 28 weeks and 5 days (I am 28 weeks and 2 days)... about 2 pounds 11 ounces... definitely the same sex as the last sonogram (more than certain this time!)... no calcification of the heart... good amount of fluid... everything with baby was perfect! Now, for the news on my placenta... it has not moved at all since my last sonogram. I asked the technician if it was low enough to warrant a c-section, but she said that the doctor would have to make that decision. There is still time for the placenta to move so they want me to come back for another sonogram. The doctor is supposed to call me in the next couple of days to discuss the position of the placenta, and when he wants me to come back in. The technician indicated it would probably be another 3-4 weeks. I really thought it would have moved, at least a little, by this time. I emailed my doula to update her, and she said not to worry. She said she has seen it move this late, and even at up to 36 weeks. Also, my midwife just called me to give me some encouraging words. She also said that she has seen a placenta move much later in pregnancy. She said she believes that mine will move, as they almost always do. She told me to visualize it moving. The power of positive thinking, right? I just want my chance... PLEASE no c-section! Here are 2 pictures of Baby Markey. The first is a straight on facial view. You can make out the eyes, nose, mouth and the hands are together in front of the chest. The second is a profile picture. Baby Markey's hands are in front of the face, and you can see the thighs and knees curled up to the left.

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