Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So Apparently I Snore Now...

Brandy: Brian has informed me that I have started to snore/whimper in my sleep every night now. Apparently on the inhale I snore, and on the exhale I let out some kind of whine/whimper? I am choosing not to believe it until I get some sort of proof. If it is true, we can just call this payback for all of the nights Brian has kept me up with his snoring. Truth be told, I have been a little stuffy lately. At least this is a side effect of pregnancy that is not bothering me. I have been sleeping pretty well for the most part. I do have to get up every 1-2 hours to pee, but I usually go right back to sleep.
Including the snoring, my pregnancy symptoms have been pretty textbook... heartburn/acid reflux, some lower back pain (that my chiropractor fixes/ I heart Dr Durkee), last week my ribs started hurting REALLY badly... apparently my belly has squished everything up enough that my ribs have started to push out and up...hmmm what else.... I have developed skin tags on my neck and along the area where my bra strap sits. I think that is about it. Isn't that enough? My ribs are the only thing that I can really complain about right now. They really hurt a lot!
Things are going really well. My little bun in the oven is super active! I keep warning Brian that this baby is going to have his energy level. If this is true, we are both in trouble! I swear that the baby throws parties in my belly. I wish I was invited...
I have some important dates coming up soon - Monday 9/21 is my 28 week prenatal appointment (3rd trimester already!) and glucose testing, Wednesday 9/23 is my follow up sonogram to re-check my placenta and the baby's heart, next weekend is our trip to Houston for my first shower and Monday 9/28 is our 3D sonogram! I can't wait to get a glimpse of what our little one looks like. We are getting it done at El Centro College. They have a sonography school, and they offer 3D sonograms for only $30! The price even includes a CD with pictures on it. Considering that most places charge $200-$300 for a 3D sono and you might not get a good picture, this is a fantastic deal! If you are in the Dallas area, it is definitely worth checking out! That is about it for now. I will be checking in a lot over the next couple of weeks to update you on all of the exciting things coming up!

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  1. LOL! Reading this brought back so many memories...can't wait to see the 3 Bs (Brandy, Brian and the Bump) on Oct. 10!