Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our New Bedtime Routine

Brandy: Brian and I have a new routine at bedtime. He picks out a book from Baby Markey's collection and reads to my belly. This will help our little one recognize his voice. Then when this is done, he rubs lotion on my belly. I read that at this point in pregnancy, the baby can feel it when you rub/stroke your belly. They find it soothing. So both Baby Markey and I benefit from this!

Other updates: the nursery is painted and it looks great! I will post pics once it is all put together. I also had my first prenatal massage last night. It was great! I really don't know what I waited so long for. The lady I am using works in a medical spa, and has evening and weekend hours. It is $65 for an hour long massage, or you can pay $150 for three 1 hour sessions. Not too bad!


  1. Love this post. Bought back all the memories of when I had my baby, now all to quickly grown. Love following blogs with new babies, can't quite get enough of them. Am following Marlie and me and now am going to follow you and your baby, in-utero as they say!!

    I was very young when I had my son and things were very different then. I love the way you have the massage, the way you get hubby to rub and stroke your belly, the way you read to baby even before he's born. That's one hell of a lucky baby. December 14th . . marked out on my calendar!!

  2. Glad to have you as a follower Gloria!

  3. Remind me to show this idea to Tony next time I'm pregnant. LOVE IT.

  4. So Dawn, will that be any time soon? Ha!