Thursday, August 20, 2009

Belly Movin'

Brandy: In the past week, the baby has really started moving and grooving! I have been able to feel the baby since week 17, but now the kicks and punches are much more forceful. I can actually see my belly move and jump around! Brian has felt the baby several times, and now he has gotten to see my belly move too. I am totally enchanted by this new development. I like to lay in bed, expose my belly and just watch. There is a sweet little life in there, and I can't wait to meet him/her. I try to imagine what the baby will look like, and sometimes I even dream about it. Regardless of the sex, I have a feeling the baby might have red, curly hair. Brian's facial, arm and leg hair are red, and back in the day when he had hair on his head, it was super curly!!! I had red hair when I was little, and still have red highlights in it to this day. My grandmother had red hair her whole life. My half brother and his wife both have dark brown hair, and 2 out of their 3 kids came out with fiery red hair. So, I think the odds are in our favor for a red-headed baby. Only time will tell... 4 months of time to be exact!


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