Monday, August 17, 2009

Babies Galore!

Brandy: This was a pretty eventful weekend. Friday, while at work, I got an email that a friend had gone into labor. I was so excited for her! I didn't hear any news Friday night, so I went to bed. I got up early for prenatal yoga, which is at my midwife's office/birthing center. We had just started yoga class when Dinah, my midwife, walked through the front door with a couple. The woman was very obviously in labor. They hurried past us into one of the birthing rooms. A few minutes later, Dinah's assistant arrived and joined the laboring couple. Within moments, we began to hear screams coming from the back room. They were deep, heart wrenching screams of labor pain. The screams would come every few minutes, and I am quite sure my eyes bulged larger with each one. There were five of us in class, plus the instructor. She talked to us about how yoga can prepare you to concentrate and breathe through distractions when we go into labor. Yes, concentrate through the distractions... wait there was another scream. Wow, this is hard! I knew that right down the hall there was a woman and a man who were about to welcome a precious little life into the world. It made me stop and think how real everything was... that I would be welcoming a life into the world in just a few months. Could this be real? Another scream... yes, this is REAL. This pattern continues for the entire class. Towards the end of class, I could hear encouraging words coming from the back room. I think she is pushing! A few poses later, a tiny cry wafts down the hall to my ears. I turn to look at the lady next to me in excitement. We had both heard it! The new life was here, and I was trying to fight back tears of joy. It seems we were the only 2 people who had heard the tiny cry, since we were in the back closest to the birthing room. A few moments later, our instructor asked if that had been the baby crying? Yes it was! The entire yoga class beamed from ear to ear. Okay, now class is almost over. We just have some breathing exercises and resting position. As I lay on my left side with my eyes closed, the tiny cry emerged again. A couple of tears slid silently across my face. I did not know this couple, but I was so HAPPY for them. Just then, my baby started moving around inside my belly. I placed my hand on top of the movement and laid there smiling, eyes closed and watery. I was no longer scared of the pain... just knowing what comes at the end of it all will be worth it. As class was over, our instructor told us she was going to peek in on the birthing room to check if we could see the new arrival. Mother said yes! We all crept very quietly into the birthing room, where mom was wrapped in sheets on the bed, with a tiny little person laying on her chest. She pulled back the towel to reveal a tiny little back and head. She then pulled it back a little more to reveal a naked little baby butt! We all simultaneously said "Ahhhhh". Dinah picked the baby up , who we discovered was a boy, and brought him closer to us. He was perfect! We all said our congratulations to mom and dad, and left the room so they could enjoy their new son. This was by far the best yoga class EVER! Later that day, Brian and I were shopping when I got a call that my friend had indeed had her baby. I listened intently as she told me her birth story, amazed at her strength. She had succeeded in a natural birth. Wow, two in one day! I can do this too! Congratulations to the couple at the birthing center, and congratulations to Teresha and Damon. Welcome to the world little baby boy, and welcome to the world Marlie!


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