Monday, August 31, 2009


Brandy: Saturday night I had one of those nights... one of those yucky nights where I wake up to pee for the 100th time, and then I am wide awake... I can't go back to sleep. Ugh! This particular night it was a bit worse than usual because Brian decided that he was going to snore... LOUDLY. I was awake for over 2 hours, tossing and turning, and wanting to smother my husband. Now, when I say smother, I don't mean to death... just enough to mute out the buzz saw noises coming from his face... that's all. The highlight of this middle of the night episode was that I felt hiccups coming from my belly region for the first time. It was really cute. My baby was hiccuping... and every few seconds my entire belly would bounce in unison. It only lasted for about a minute or so, but that rhythmic bounce was very recognizable. So cute!

Did I mention yet that heartburn SUCKS? I have acid reflux anyway, but now it is SO much WORSE.

Today marks the start of week 25. September is going to be very, very busy. I have a La Leche meeting, my normal checkup with Dinah, my follow up sonogram, interviews with 2 more pediatricians, my first appointment with a chiropractor, a friend's baby's 1st birthday party, and a weekend in Houston for my first baby shower! Not to mention that I have prenatal yoga every Saturday morning. Whew! I am just trying to get as much done now as possible, before I get tired again in the 3rd trimester. Plus, I know that the next 3 1/2 months are going to fly by!


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