Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Child Care Solution - DONE!

Brandy: So if you read my prior blogs on childcare, I have been waiting to see if I there will be a place open at the home day care (run by Chantell) our neighbor uses for their little girl. I found out yesterday that we are in! This is great, only a few children in her home (more attention/less germs), licensed with the state, no violations at inspections, she will pick up our child during the school year (after she drops her own daughter off at school across the street... Yay! This is a big load off my mind! I also set up backup childcare in case Chantell is sick or closed for the day. We are using another home day care near us... This is the lady named Elvira I mentioned in my previous post. I am dropping paperwork and registration checks off to both of them when I leave work today. I am happy that this is finally taken care of and that Chantell had a place for us!


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